Month: November 2007

Maaa.The end of the holiday is coming…

erm..erm…For the first week of the holiday most of my time has been spent at home(i’m staying at my cousin’s house in seri kembangan).Watching animes and reading mangas..I felt the time was moving so slow till the day we(my cousins and my uncle-‘ngah Jamil) went for a night and a day vacation to many stories to tell.But I’ll keep it for the next post.While I’m posting this, my sister Ida is also online next to my pc at cc near my cousin’s house in pandan jaya..My leg just got a time to relax after hours of time jalan2 and shoping at berjaya times square and sungei wang plus kat pasar malam in pandan jaya area.Buying some stuffs coz my sis, nor will be  going  back to miri next week..phew.tomorrow morning,me and my two sis will be going to k-p’s house in seri kembangan.Both of them want to ‘berambih'(stay over) for a night I guess….huhu…just a few days left b4 the hectic period start for the new semester..Jaa..till d next post.


TOM is coming up..6 hours to go!!!! and fizi seems like we cannot lay our heads down to pillow now.we are really doing our best for our exam-coming up 6 hours from now on.Theory of machine.Hopefully we will be passing dis paper dis sem.

p/s:don’t ever do last minute study like us.. :p