Month: March 2008

Hutan Lipur Lentang

I was left by the bus because I woke up  late..Hehe.That was my plan at first.However, the opposite took place on my Sundayzee plan.I woke up just very enough to join the trip to Hutan Lipur Lentang last Sunday.The recreation park is situated somewhere on Kl-Karak Highway,hmm like 20-30 minutes from UIA.As I discovered this place,I fell in love for the first sight of the nature at hutan lipur lentang.Sparkle fresh water streaming from the top mountain, exquisite sight of greenish trees, plus the gentle breeze was really welcoming to any visitors at this nature santuary.

In the bus on the way there,I had a conversation with my friend,shah.

Fila: Ko pernah gi hutan lipur ni ke shah?(have u been to hutan lipur b4 this?)

Shah:Pernah.Time kecik2 dlu.(Yup,long time ago,when I was a kid)

Fila: owh..ape yang best kat situ?(owh..what is the main attraction there?)

Shah:La,macam tempat rekreasi biase lah.Tapi mak saye dah pesan dah,jangan mandi sungai kt situ.(well,nothing much,like ordinary recreation site.But my mom remind me not to swim at this hutan lipur’s river)

Fila: Kenape? Ade kes ke kt situ?(why not?is there any cases happened before?)

Shah: A’ah..Dlu ade time budak2 mandi  kt situ,hujan turun, air naik & deras trus hanyutkn diorang..(yup,it was a case of group of kids that had been swept away by rapid water that rises quickly especially on monsoon rainy seasons)

Fila: [terkedu jap]..Hmm..kalau mak shah dah cakap cam2,aku pn x mandi lah nanti.(if your mom said so,guess I’ll not swim in the river later.)

well, when we just arrived there,in a split of second I felt I just want to let my leg into the river..Irresistable.. ;p

And i was grateful that I brought a spare tight just in case if there any place for swimming and it was!!


Morning before getting into bus.


Inside the bus with shah.


Just arrived.


before went back to uia..huhu.the box was face was shining after swimming ..muahaha..perasan sendiri…jangan marah..:p


I feel really grateful that I chose to go for the trip last sunday.Just a fine day after the election day..It was a getaway from the hectic political fever for the past few weeks..really felt I could puke in front of the monitor when i read any political article or news online..however,this 12th election day was really a history..I don’t care who won the election…It’s just that people who are willing to take the responsibility to be a leader, should really do the job to take care the welfare of all kind of people regardless of his/her races,ethnic and religion.Ok lah..I’ll continue next time.Akbar and Nono is waiting for me for minum petang..ehe.hope they will agree to go to pasar malam.. :p