Month: April 2008

My Little Bride?? :p

     Last 2 night was the first time I met with my uncle’s(who currently work in singapore) son and daughter.He is my uncle from my mother’s side.Ouch…The fact is, I have a small cousins instead of nephew or niece. I recalled 3 years back I had atteded to my uncle’s wedding at small church in Bangi. time did really past really fast. Now my uncle have a son and daughter. My small boy cousin name is Isaac and his little sis is Erisa Claudia..Claudia is really cute,fair skin and I think she will grow up to be a beautiful girl. When I held Claudia in my arm and look straight to her face, her eyes met my eyes.She stared at me for a moment, and she started to touch my lip..Haha..Kawaii!!!! She’s gonna be my bride!eheh..Just kidding.Anyway, I was and am really happy to know that I got a new cousins, means I am not really old enough right now. 😛


Makihara Noriyuki-Green Days

At first I didn’t pay attention to what Akbar said to me last week about this song until I started to watch the series of ‘Love and Farm’ also known as Ushi ni Negai wo. Just simply like it for now.

Makihara Noriyuki~Green Days

hodoketa futsu himo wo mao souto
kimi ga shagandara
me no mae ni midori iro no michi ga
sorezore ga tyantou hitori de
nayandato wakatta
dainingu wo deta okura ni
shimetta natsu no yo kaze

yokatta kono sekai wa
saiteidato katoishita mamade
kyou ichi nichi ga owarazunisundayo
kimi to itakarada

* wakaranai koto darake demo
honto no koto dake sagashiteyukou
sonna kimochi wo naremo ga kitto
seishun to yobu no darou
massuguni massuguni nobiru
kono midori iro no michi wo
arukinagara tsudzuiteyukou
bokura no GREEN DAYS *

sokoniwa naito kimetsukete
miyou tomoshinakatta ashyoni
taisetsu na takara mono ga aruto kidzuita
sokoniwa naito kimetsukete
miyou tomoshinakatta
jibun no kokoro ni mitsuketa
kurayami ni hi wo tomosunda

yokatta kono sekai wa
suteta mono jyanai to omoinagara
korekaramo ikiteiru ke ga suru
kimi to ironaraba

wakaranai koto darakedemo
honto no koto dake sagashiteyukou
sonna kimochi wo dare mo ga kitto
seishun to yobu no darou
sukoshi asebanda T-shirts de
taki ai katta wo takakinagara
ashita ae naitoshitemo
bokurawa iu “mata aou” to

repeat * 


            The anger that we have suppressed inside us for too long,when it’s going to explode,it can be very disastrous and very dangerous. I’ve just encounter that ‘anger’ after for a long time. Ahh..really I loath this anger. It really drive me nuts!..

            Well, what is anger actually?I dig some idea from wikipedia. From Wiki-Anger is an emotional state that may range from minor irritation to intense rage. Anger can raise the heart rate, increase blood pressure, and increase the levels of noradrenaline and adrenaline. Anger has physical effects including raising the heart rate and blood pressure and the levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.”

           What should we do when we are in the state of anger?In my opinion as a Muslim,firstly I think we should take wudu'(abolution).I think it might help a lot. In the state with wudu’ we can gain peace in ourselves. Secondly, we need to istighfar a lot. Thirdly, we need to rethink the cause of the anger and how to solve it diplomatically. Finally, forgiveness is the powerful solution to any anger. It doesn’t matter who’s right,who’s wrong..The important is, learn how to control the anger, because anger can drive anyone to the bitter end.Have peace in mind. Think before act.

           Huh..I think that is enough for this post.Well, if you ecounter the phase of anger inside yourself, make sure it will not drown you. 🙂


I’m back in Miri!!

Fewwww..Just came back home last night.It was really tiring and boring(i mean the flight)..Even the 2 hours flight felt like forever…Guess I need the fastest jet to fly back home..hahaha..Ok lah..I need to plan well for my 2 and half week in Miri..Till da next post!



Huh..It’s been 3 days I’ve finished my last paper for final exam this semester.It was terrific week last week..I’ve got three straight paper on wed,thurs and finally friday.Yesterday,I was listening to my roommates conversation about marriage at young age.I was just listening..And I could just give opinion there and there,seemed like I’m not in the same ‘herd’ like them who have a gf,not like me,single..haha…And the argument was continuing for a while.They were arguing about marriage at young age.One of my roommate was coming up with an opinion that most couple in UIA should get married rather than just being couple.And he suggested the couple(young married couple) can still live like normal student,means live separately at different mahallah(college) and they will still get allowance from their own parents.So what do you think?

            And one of my roommate seemed didn’t not like that idea.haha.Seemed he was disturbed a bit by that idea coz he had a gf studying together in UIA,while my rumate who came with the idea~young age marriage~has a gf who currently studying in france.He said that he will get married at early age if his gf is studying at the same uni as he is.My rumate who opposed the idea said most people at this age 20-24 still not matured enough to get married,plus it not as easy as saying just to get married like that.

         Ok..enough with their for me, marriage at young age is depend on ourselves.Marriage is the big transition phase in our life.So to be married,it needs a very careful measurement being taken should make a decision to get married with enough preparation..not just ‘kahwin terjun’..right?And to be married suppose to be a sign that a son/daughter can stand on their own foot and not being the one who needs support(finance) from their parents anymore..Marriage should be a sign to show people that we are ready to take a new responsibility and also we have to realize that we have to be matured.Matured in marriage can be seen how we try to fulfill our responsibility as a good spouse.I’m not opposing people who get married early.For the generation of our granpa/grandma most of them married at young age.however,in my opinion,people at that time most probably are matured enough at  young age,not like young generation right now(mostly,not al).We are living in the world with too much entertainment and advance tech.Most of us are dragged with time unconciously that we had come to the stage of marriage.Marriage at young age also can be a good thing.Sometimes,marriage teach us to be a matured people.I guess so,for example in UIA,most married couple are people who always have a great achievements in their study or in their routine life.It must be a spirit they got frm their own spouse..In conclusion,we will know when the time has come for us to get married.If you has reach that stage(doesn’t matter at what age), just check with yourself whether you are ready for the transition phase in your life and do not hesitate.Just follow your heart.What you believe in.Just remember,marriage is not only about ourself and our couple,but also includes our family and he/her family,our friends and people around us.Uwarghh..I’m feeling sleepy right now.

A couple hours ago, I was having a dinner at one stall people call that place as Malinja.Most probably because it is located on Malinja street.Yeah.As what being told,people did line up to purchase char kue tiaw and nasi lemak..Huhu..I ate both char kue tiaw and nasi lemak.. :p.

It’s still left tomorrow before I’m flying back to Miri..Hooray!!