Month: August 2008

It was and will it be again?

It’s been a while I didn’t update anything on my blog. Well, now I’ve found my leisure time to write something to share. My mind is just very clear right now after the busiest and hectic schedules I’ve been into for past few weeks. It was so hectic and I don’t intend to lie you. Quizzes, midterms, classes, lab reports, cooking at stall (I just have few shirts left in my cupboard.I wish someone is willing to take my laundry to my block’s washing machine and wash it for me..ehehehe~will never be) … Alhamdulillah, everything now were cleared in my ‘LIST TO DO”. 🙂

And since last night my midterm break has started. And Ramadhan is coming up. Hmm. There are lots of plan in my mind for activities to be done during the midterm break and this Ramadhan. :).

Wait..My first intention was to share to you readers about the Kam-Boh stall at CONVEST 2008 that was just ended last 2 days back. There are many things that I want to say, impress, express, share, however there are thousands of word’s choices that I couldn’t simply use to express my feeling about our stall~ Kam-Boh. There are too many people involved in this stall, and there are to many people I want to thank them so much for their help and supports and there are people that I want to say sorry and apologize for all my bad acts or words during the programme. Simply says, I really miss Kam-Boh. I really enjoyed it (I don’t really know did everyone enjoyed it or did I really ‘syok sendiri’? haha. well, wutever..For sure, I enjoyed it though it was so tiring). Many things that I’ve learnt during this program, and that experience is very valuable that even money cannot buy. Plus the skills in entrepreunership that we learnt is something precious that you can only learn when you really involve into it. Here I would like to share some pictures I got from Zen last night, during the CONVEST week at our stall KAM-BOH.

Audi, Akbar and Rosli

Yah rosely. Gago juak depan ya.

Farah nolong kat dapur ya

Dhya ngan geng nya.

Za-a tgh gago carek manok.

Iera~PR/Promoter terhebat. Kalah rosely. Terdiam rosely nok serabak ya oleh nya tok.

Ogy nok slalu nolong kat dapur juak. Nya tok mnjual pau ya.

Ada juak Syapeek menyelut sia.

Ceria jak suma kat dapur ya. Cepat kit roti kaya ya. Meraung org nunggu.ehehe.

Barisan tentera kat depan. Ceria ada jak.Ney ndak ramey org ngagak.

Hanis pun ada juak. Tgh nunggu chicken chop nya dari kedey depan. Boleh sik? ehehe.

Cikgu Eda kita. “Roti kaya! Teh c Peng! Laksa Sarawak!” Ada juak nok bersuara time

Iera sikda. Terkejut rosely. Igt nya tek leh jadi hero lekak Iera.

Well, that were all the pics I can share with you readers for this post. I’ll upload more later.Hmm, since Azrul‘s novel Galaksi Muhsinin are available in bookstores right now, I hope I can get free from Azrul, :p~ well I want to make a book review for his novel during this midterm break. To all of you, don’t forget to grab one of this novel.

Happy Midterm Break everyone!


Grab our Deliciouz Roti Kaya at Convest 2008

This is another update for our coming up stall that will be opened during Convest 2008. Here I would like to introduce our Snack that will be available during the convest which is ROTI KAYA.

So don’t forget to grab some and feel the delicious taste of our Roti Kaya.See you there

Stall’s name: Kam-Boh

Venue: Convest Hill, IIUM

Date available: 21st-27th August 2008


Convest(Convocation Fiesta in IIUM) is just around the corner, and me and some other sarawakians and sabahans are going to open a stall during the convest week. Well, for our stall, one of our main dishes that will be sell during the CONVEST week is LAKSA SARAWAK, plus++ other menus and beverages as well. Come and support us!

Our Stall: Kam-Boh

Date: 21st-27th August 2008

Venue: Convest Hill, International Islamic Universiti Malaysia, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur

Kepada suma org sarawak yang ada di sekitar lembah klang, jum lah berambih di UIA time CONVEST klak. Kamek org akan berjual LAKSA SARAWAK dengan barang makan & minuman nok lain kedak Teh C. Peng.Datang lah support gerey kmk org. 🙂

Nama gerey: Kam-Boh (Iboh kamboh nyawa carik gerey kmk org.eheh)

Tarikh : 21-27hb Ogos 2008

Tempat: Convest Hill, UIA, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.