Month: September 2008

How many hours again?

I thought I’d published this yesterday at LCCT..Seems like I was likely click save instead of publish..huhu

I’ve been sitting at The Coffee Bean in LCCT since 11 pm. And now the time is 4:01 am. Believe me, waiting for flight schedule is very tiring+boring+tension. Well, whatever the reasons might be, I must wait till I got into the airplane. There, I’ll sleep till the airplane land in Miri. Yay! Going back to Miri. And it’s gonna be Eid Fitri in few days more. Eid Fitri = Foods(Nasi minyak,ketupat,kari,rendang,masak merah,lemang++) + beverages( mostly carbonated drinks) + meeting cousins and relatives + duit raya(eheh) + more pics + forgiveness + home + holiday!! I’ll be in Miri for a week++. Hopefully this coming ‘Hari Raya” would be great since I didn’t go back for previous ‘Hari Raya’.

Back to where I am. Most people around me are ‘down’. I mean they are sleeping at their table. Eheh. Everyone is trying their best to be awake all the time. But, well coffee just dozed them to dream in wonderland.. Erk.. What did I say just now? Sounds not right.. Well, My eyes just got blur hour by hour… O time, why do I feel like I want you to move faster right now?

How many hours again till 7.25?? 😛 .. Well I don’t really sure myself what about to write in this entry.