Month: June 2009

Rosly Dhoby

I just happened to download and watch the 1st ep of Rosly Dhoby drama series which is currently airing on Astro Citra Channel.~wow~that’s what i can say now. The series is almost 100% in Sarawak Malay Dialect..Some of the actors/actress still having a prob wth the real accent, but hey, it’s the first ever drama series in Sarawak it’s just a small matter. What matter is, I can feel the spirit of Rosly Dhoby and his friends on their protest and struggle to free the citizens of Sarawak from the British ruling at that time(in 1950s)..Well, I’m looking forward for other episodes..It’s 2.46am, feel sleepy already..hmm.cont tommorow with the other episodes.

Quoted from the Rosly Dhoby drama series;
“But I am no longer in this world.My name will remain sweet throughout each and every corners of the world.”