Day: August 28, 2009

Any wishes?


Rite now, I do think a lot about my FYP(Final Year Project). Me and my partner have chose the topic of ‘Design and Development of Intelligent Laundry Systems’. Sounds familiar to you? Well, that what I thought before started the project. As we started, there are some stuffs and information that we have to look for. Actually, me and my partner did some discussion and were came out with 1 or 2 ideas..Actually, we are trying to find the most simplest design to do, weighing the options that we have in terms of our on ability, expert (aiseh~), and of course money..haha.
In this post actually, I would like to know, what do people wish if they are given chance to order special made laundry system? Do you imagine a machine that simply can sort bunch of clothes following their respective types of fabrics? or do you imagining a machine that can sort your clothes by color types? or can sort for normal and dry cleaning? (*-*) If you have any ideas, don’t care if it may sounds stupid(nothing much), just lemme know. =D It is best to come out with design that can answer to people expectation rite?
-soon to visit laundry shop-