Month: February 2010

when will be the next time for us again?

Time will never stop nor reverse, but it will always moving simultaneously with us, without we realize it or we sometimes realize it..Well, time is just a part of my writing in this post. It has been one and a half week since Mawaddah Camp program (for participants from Ummu Sofiah Orphanage)was officially closed.

However, I was not fast enough to blog about that. To be honest with you, after the program was done I was in a state of confused of my feeling. It was a mixture of sadness, happiness, unsatisfactory, confused or even blanked sometimes..hihi.. sadness because I just realize there must be a ‘good-bye’ for every meeting we have in this life, happiness– to be able to give small contribution for this program as a facilitator, unsatisfactory– because I want to have some more time to spend with all my group members, confused and blank– for not being able to think, act and feel right for what I’ve been doing in the program ( I think so..). This program was the first time ever I’ve been chosen to be a facilitator (in my 4 years study in UIA) and it was really a short noticed (just knew a night before program started) and I was thinking hard to be a ‘good-decent’ faci..hehe.. And thanks to the other facis for helping me a lot in this program especially my friend, Zen who was giving many advices in doing my job as a faci..

Facts you need to know: :p

**hmm, I kinda miss all my team members sometimes..hehe.

**I hope we will meet again and I hope all of you to be able to pursue your dream.

***I wanna share some pics for this program, even though I’ve already uploaded it in my facebook album..

**Everytime I’m listening to Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir, I’ll remember back those sweet memories of the program.

**Thank you all for giving me a chance to contribute even a small part in the program *clap* to all committees.

**I’m sorry for any mistakes I did or for any shortage in my parts.. huhu

BUT the most IMPORTANT fact you have to know is, I’m very glad and satisfy to be involved in the program. Thank you MISI IIUM for giving me such an opportunity 🙂 =D XD