Month: October 2010

OB project presentation

Almost to the end of semester now. Before I turn to working environment after finishing my study, let me share some of things/activities been doing for this sem. Somehow, this afternoon was my last & final presentation for my minor subjects (InshaAllah) which is Organizational Behavior Project presentation. Our group was presenting about effect of knowledge acquisition to organizational performance.
Just wanna share some pictures that I’ve included in our slide presentation. Since all my group members from all different countries, I somehow came up with the idea as shown in the pics below. Just learn a few techniques from my friend to do it using cs4. thank you so much to him.

It’s almost at the end of my studies,  however chance to get to know all these people from my team is a blessed to me. To know more people from other culture is so interesting yet many new things you can learn. =)