people of the hill..since then, how many years has its been?

It was early in the morning.

And I was sipping a cup of hot coffee.Enjoyed the peaceful morning.

Sat on the long wooden bench in front of the long house.

There was it. The big rambutan tree.

And there was it a little boy was piggybacked by his grandfather.

They were plucking juicy red rambutans.

The little boy was laughing and smiling most of the time. Enjoyed the moment.

And the grandmother was also smiling gleefully, watching the little boy and his grandfather.

I smiled suddenly. That boy was me.

The memory of my childhood so vividly appeared to my mind.

And I smiled again reminiscing that piece of my treasured memory.

Though he’s not around anymore, his kindness always being there, somewhere in my heart.




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