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Lately, I’ve been spending most of my time on videojug.com.


Because the site is really interesting.

Lots of simple guide video on many interests.

But for me, the most interesting part is cooking video site.

wondering if other people also like it as well.(considering my late discovery..heheh)

enjoy. =)

3 Simple Steps to get your loan.

Unlike a long procedure of getting loan in an old way, nowadays loan can be easily applied through internet online application. There are so many choices on the internet, lots of companies offer a great and fast deal to help you to get the loan. Some companies, only need 3 simple steps for you to get a money in a short period. Sometimes, unexpected situation might happen to us. We might be short in cash for an important matter, or we need a cash immediately for any reasons it might be. Applying a loan from a loan shark or from a bank will not give you a good solution for this.Thus, applying loan online with an established company can be a good help for you.

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A little update

-post kali ni dalam BM je

-Pagi tadi pegi ikut lawatan under mechatronics society,lawatan ke CAIRO (Centre of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) kat UTM KL.

-Lawatan ke CAIRO tu memang tak merugikan, since banyak benda baru yang aku dapat pelajari.

-Briefing drpd Prof. Marzuki memang menarik perhatian aku.

-Aku bertambah minat nak belajar pasal neural network & fuzzy logic.Rasanya dua2 pengetahuan ni amat penting buat student yang belajar dalam bidang mechatronic ataupun computer engineering. A very useful knowledge to solve many problems.

-So sekarang ni tgh nak baca bleach baru kat onemanga.com dengan nizam. Aku and nizam baru je abis klas ganti EMS.Sambil2 tu nak sambung baca Hunter X Hunter.hehe.Gila manga!

-Lepas ni nak gi bilik kroul & mahader since kita org dah lama tak dgr kabar si kroul yang dengar kabarnya tgh demam.

-And nak bincangkan pasal gerai yang kita org nak wat time coming CONVEST ni.Tunggu k.. Banyak produk yang menarik akan menanti korang suma. 

-Ok lah. Setakat ni je dulu.

Looking for DJ?

Are you a party boy/girl? Or do you have a wedding function for this weekend? Or are you the one who is in charge the party organize by your division at your office? And you are looking for something to make all this functions be interesting to all your friends and office mate? In west countries, most people will be looking for a DJ to conduct and make the functions ‘happening’ and enjoyable. Most people when heard about DJ, they will certainly thinking the DJ for night clubs only.

However, DJ’s professions are not limited to night club only, but also we can find a DJ for school events, weddings and also any corporate events. You can search online for DJ service availability in your area with affordable price. Thus, you can relax because you’ll not encounter the problem to choose which music or songs that is relevant to your events. Moreover, some DJ’s service provider company also include party planning for you, so no sweat at all for you. Want to have successful events? Why not try DJ service this time?

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Translator needed?

In business world, business is unlimited to be happened in one region only. Always, many companies are trying to expand their businesses to another region on earth. To accomplish this, sometimes language can be a problem on the way to achieve it. Successful advertisement of your company’s product in other countries can be achieved by advertising using the local language. Yet, language is undeniable an important tool in doing business. Still, they are many companies that don’t know where to start and how to get help. It is simple to find the answer on the web. There are various organizations that cater the service for interpreting your own language to other language(s).

You can find the company on the web that can help you to get your job done. Business world is moving so fast and sometimes it is not easy to find the good translator in achieving your company’s business activities. Considering the well established company that is very experienced in this field might be good option in terms of your time and budget. Therefore, taking one step ahead from your competitor can be a great success for you and your company in the future.

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