simple and informative

Lately, I’ve been spending most of my time on


Because the site is really interesting.

Lots of simple guide video on many interests.

But for me, the most interesting part is cooking video site.

wondering if other people also like it as well.(considering my late discovery..heheh)

enjoy. =)


OB project presentation

Almost to the end of semester now. Before I turn to working environment after finishing my study, let me share some of things/activities been doing for this sem. Somehow, this afternoon was my last & final presentation for my minor subjects (InshaAllah) which is Organizational Behavior Project presentation. Our group was presenting about effect of knowledge acquisition to organizational performance.
Just wanna share some pictures that I’ve included in our slide presentation. Since all my group members from all different countries, I somehow came up with the idea as shown in the pics below. Just learn a few techniques from my friend to do it using cs4. thank you so much to him.

It’s almost at the end of my studies,  however chance to get to know all these people from my team is a blessed to me. To know more people from other culture is so interesting yet many new things you can learn. =)

aku juga mau jadi bijak pandai

Pada mulanya sukar untuk aku mempercayai..Di unit ICU masih aku tidak percaya..Aku hanya melihat sekujur tubuh yang ditutup dengan sehelai kain putih, dari hujung kaki ke kepala.Seperti dalam babak drama atau filem yang aku biasa tontoni..Aku masih ‘blur’ ketika itu apa yang perlu dilakukan.Namun tiba saat sekujur tubuh itu dikafankan dan aku pandang seraut wajah  yang sangat tenang seperti sedang tidur  lena,baru aku sedar memang sudah tiba saat ‘perpisahan’ yang pasti buat setiap manusia di dunia ini..Saat yang sangat sedih tatkala melihat ibu dan bapanya memeluk sekujur tubuh seorang anak yang pergi dahulu sebelum mereka.

Walaupun kita tidak serapat mana, kehilanganmu tetap amat terasa di hati.

Terima kasih cikgu atas segala-galanya..

Terima kasih atas segala ilmu yang dicurahkan..

Terima kasih kerana menyenangkan hatiku dengan canda dan senyumanmu di dalam setiap kuliah.

Moga rohmu dicucuri rahmat..

Moga rohmu ditempatkan di kalangan para ilmuwan agung yang terdahulu dan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.

Akan kutitipkan doa buatmu dalam setiap doaku. InsyaAllah.


Di dalam kenangan:

Prof. Dr Wahyudi Martono.

[Pensyarahku untuk subjek System Dinamic & Mechatronics System Design]


“Jangan ditangisi pemergiannya kerna dia pergi dengan selamat dalam perjuangan menyampaikan ilmu…”

sehingga perginya dirimu, masih mengajar suatu ilmu padaku iaitu kematian itu adalah pasti buat setiap insan, cuma persoalannya adalah bila. Aku juga mau jadi sepertimu cikgu tidak kira apa bidang sekalipun, mau jadi bijak pandai yang bisa menyampaikan ilmu yang berguna buat insan-insan yang lain. InsyaAllah.

when will be the next time for us again?

Time will never stop nor reverse, but it will always moving simultaneously with us, without we realize it or we sometimes realize it..Well, time is just a part of my writing in this post. It has been one and a half week since Mawaddah Camp program (for participants from Ummu Sofiah Orphanage)was officially closed.

However, I was not fast enough to blog about that. To be honest with you, after the program was done I was in a state of confused of my feeling. It was a mixture of sadness, happiness, unsatisfactory, confused or even blanked sometimes..hihi.. sadness because I just realize there must be a ‘good-bye’ for every meeting we have in this life, happiness– to be able to give small contribution for this program as a facilitator, unsatisfactory– because I want to have some more time to spend with all my group members, confused and blank– for not being able to think, act and feel right for what I’ve been doing in the program ( I think so..). This program was the first time ever I’ve been chosen to be a facilitator (in my 4 years study in UIA) and it was really a short noticed (just knew a night before program started) and I was thinking hard to be a ‘good-decent’ faci..hehe.. And thanks to the other facis for helping me a lot in this program especially my friend, Zen who was giving many advices in doing my job as a faci..

Facts you need to know: :p

**hmm, I kinda miss all my team members sometimes..hehe.

**I hope we will meet again and I hope all of you to be able to pursue your dream.

***I wanna share some pics for this program, even though I’ve already uploaded it in my facebook album..

**Everytime I’m listening to Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir, I’ll remember back those sweet memories of the program.

**Thank you all for giving me a chance to contribute even a small part in the program *clap* to all committees.

**I’m sorry for any mistakes I did or for any shortage in my parts.. huhu

BUT the most IMPORTANT fact you have to know is, I’m very glad and satisfy to be involved in the program. Thank you MISI IIUM for giving me such an opportunity 🙂 =D XD

Automatic-Tokio Hotel

I know..It’s always update with the song I like. I’m sorry bout that. well, I don’t really know what I should write bout. Sometimes songs can help to express our thoughts, isn’t it? i’m not sure bout that myself..haha..

Here the song recommended by one of my dear friend ;

Cheers! =)