Month: August 2007

Well, it’s Merdeka Celebration..

Now sitting next to Fizi and Lan, finishing the report..Finishing??or editing??ehe. Aha, mecha lab report, as usual..Thanx Tun for the rep copy.No idea where he got it.Well, tonight will be the 50th Merdeka Celebration for Malaysia. I don’t know how to react on this statement though. It’s just..supposely.. I should be happy for the independence isn’t it?But the feeling doesn’t appear to me righ’ now. I’ve just skipped my financial management class coz I just feel that I need to. :p Need a break actually after a continuous hectic period started last week. Still, I can’t post the events I’ve attended to last few days. I’ll post it as soon as I get some of my pics from Akbar. till the next post..Happy Merdeka Day!!<Hafiz told me bout the solat hajat and talk tonight at SHAH mosque plus qiamulail after midnight.It’s better righ’ than celebrating in other ways..:)>My next post will be..’3 years to go’..InsyaAllah.



Whoa..I was really shocked to see they are two comments inside my blog..Yo..Thought that no one will comment anything until I post something other than simple introduction..uhu..However thanx for reading my simple blog..just wait..I’ve got some more to share next time..<I can’t recall when did I tell my blog add to other people???>