Month: September 2007

what do we expect??

In my last post,my eyes were nailed on zen’s comment.

Zen said:

“Fila… mena padah orang yang byk program dipolah “syok sendiri”. sikda input and sikda erti.. tapi mun ada masa terluang sikpala, setakat mok letih kedirik, dgn asgmnt dikpun sikda masa…agikla.. still sik merdeka… apa makna merdeka kinek tok sebenarnya? i’m still confused…”

thus, this comment really make me pondered a how dude? Of course you’ll find that sometimes what you are really doing is something dat will gain you nothing….Merdeka is subjective.It brings many meanings to what bout the assignment huh? Assignmentsss….whoa..should allocate time to do it by ourselves right…It’s  a challenge for us.A challenge to be matured and being an adult…well,if the prog that you involve into never give benefits to you,leave it..It’s your choice,but..but then, if you find the prog that you involve  can contribute something for the ummah…just keep on doing the right and the best you can do…Our life should be like dat isn’t it?When we find a good platform for us to spread our wings in doing something good in our life time,we should keep on moving right?? ermm…i dunno..everyone has their own opinion….ja…hope to see some comments….So….what do we really expect in our life?