Month: May 2008




A few days back, I got a message from my ex-elementary school mate in FS.Her name is Katherine.. I was shocked and happy at the same time. Well, it was really a happy moment, because somehow,it means my ex-elementary school mates still remember me. It was in my mind before to searh for them, but it turn out to be they had started the searching work first. 🙂

And Kath informed me that she and my ex-classmates Wei(Chan Siok Wei) and Elsey had discussed among them to do some kind of reunion in Miri. Probably this year hopefully..or maybe this coming June. Honestly, I was kind of nervous..It’s been almost 10 years we never met, and it must be many things to catch up in this coming reunion.

As for these few days, I was always spacing out..reminiscing the days I’ve been through in my elementary school and how I was living as small town kid.I was a student of SRB Good Sheperd(1995-1998). Before that I’ve been studied at SRK Jalan Bintang(1993-1995) in Miri. My family then transfered to the small town which is Marudi. Marudi was a best place for my family at that time because it is the centre between both of my parents origin place.My mother’s village is in Long Terawan(near Mulu National Resort). As my fathers’ side, his family mostly are living in Miri. So Marudi is the centre so that it easy for us to go back to both place. I remember that when it came to celebrate Eid Fitri, we went back to my grand parents’ house in Miri, and when it came to Christmas celebration, we went back to Long Terawan.So it was fair for both side of the family..eheh. However that was not really the main reason actually, it was just my thought. Marudi was a great place for me and I was proud to be living in that small town. There, I’ve learned many things from all my teachers,friends and town’s people. There was where the friendship story began with my ex-elementary school mates..Hehe. Many embarassing moments, also happiness and sadness moments. I don’t think I can tell the stories in this entry.. Though it is happy to hear news from them again, thanks for the technology 🙂 , however I think I owe forgiveness from them because I never try to, at least to contact them back then. I’ve been selfish and I regret that. But honestly, I never forget them because the word friendship that I believe, bring the meaning of endless road and forever.


SW Principle






“So What?!” I stunned for a moment. Breathing lightly, watching all the faces around me, smiling and giggled a little. Daa.. Back to last Monday afternoon. After an office hour we had a kind of meeting. It was actually a discussion. Brainstorming. It was been a week and half, I could see many moody faces, working in heavy atmosphere. So far we only got 2 sales for the training programme. It was bad.. It was tiring, depressing and disappointing. So that meeting late afternoon however was a turnover atmosphere. We were enlightened with the things that we were discussing. We found a new hope. All of us. Smiling at that time, I felt joy and I could see it too from the faces of my cliques. Data mining was a task we did before. However, we were given out a new task. We need to sells a product. And our product is Net Promoter Score(NPS) Training Programme. Easy huh? Well, our condition showed the result. It wasn’t easy as it sounds. To make story short, in this entry I just wanna share the principle that I learnt in that meeting. I think Farah likes it too. It is the principle Fritz shared with us; SW Principle.


“Some Will , Some “Wow”, Some  What , Some Wait,  SO WHAT?!” ~ I read Farah’s SW Principle, quiet contradict with mine but, yeah the intention is the same..


Yeah, So What?!. Many invitations bounced, many bad replies, many are not interested. So What?!.. We will never give up! Some people are so rude on the phone. Why? Why should they been rude? We were just promoting something that might be beneficial to them. We were not forcing, it was just an invitation to join the programme. Huh..well.. Perhaps people who are working in big company are depressed so much. Will I be like them in the future? Not all lah.. It is just certain people only. But still.. Can’t they talk back politely? Well, what do I expect?… In real working life out there.. In real business.. This kind of thing is just a common case I think. Well, I’ll just take it easy and familiarized myself and expecting much of this will happen to me next time.. Haha. Life is not easy. That is one more thing I learnt when I started working at Kavaq Customer Intelligence. Not all people who smiled at us, not all people walking passed by us are having an easy life. Not everyone can have meals up to three times a day. Not everyone having a good family relationship. Not everyone can smile happily. Even for richest person on earth. They must be some difficulties in their life. All people facing difficulties in life. It is just we couldn’t realize it .Because we have our own worries to be concerned. Yeah, human will be having worries even in after life when being judge at Masyar Ground. The worryness whether oneself will be thrown into Hellfire or will be given the greatest ni’mat which is paradise. It was what my lecturer told my class. Being friends with many kind of people from different countries and regions regardless the colour of skin, I always keep in my heart, all humankind are created fairly by Allah. We have heart and we have brain to think. Good look or bad look, skin colours.. I always remind myself not to judge by that point. What is important is heart. All people hold the same opportunities to improve. Maybe this time we look down to somebody, but then later on he/she improving to be better than us. Hmm. Enough till this point. Smile always. Smile is sadaqa. J



~One more thing, I am really happy to have new friends ~ Bhea, David , Daniel, Yasin and so on. InyaAllah I will treasured this friendship. 🙂


p/s: Farah, congrats for the new, though it’s still under construction, I got a peek and it’s nice and welcoming.Go Farah!! 🙂


Dowh..I’m working?!

         I’m still I really got a job right now? Well yeah.. I got a job. What kind of job? Simply said I’m doing a job as Data Miner. Meaning, I called many companies in Selangor and KL and digging for some informations needed for the company I’m working for.. Oops..sorry Farah.. i should thanks you first. You are the one who insisted to get the job. I’m just jumping in the same boat. omg. I got a headache when I first started the job.Learning from nothing and did what people did around me.It was quite funny,seeing many kind of expressions of my colleague.Working as a data miner needs your ability to convince people, in our job ~ we need to convince people on the other side of the phone. Gah.. It’s better than talking face to face. In telephone, people doesn’t know how do you look like, they only know your voice! I think this is one of the advantage of this job. I’m not sure myself whether I like this job or not. It doesn’t matter for now, I just want to know how much can I get paid for this job. :p .. If I’m feeling this is my field, I will continue doing it(for part time only lah) for a reasonable period of my study years. If oppositely happen, it’s nut for continuing the job that you hate. It’s better to quit..

    Well, for this moment, I feel glad to myself. This job open up more opportunity to meet new friends from different countries. And yesterday I learnt something new from my new friend, I learnt the country of Somaliland that I never knew before. 🙂 It’s that mean my general knowlegde is at min level?