Month: June 2008

It’s semester break! Happy holiday!


It was an awkward moment. It was 12 noon sharp when we heard a deep man voice from the speaker inside the CAC’s foyer giving an instruction for us to stop writing. My feeling that time- all mixed and messed up. A moment of joy it supposed to be. Because I was just finish the last final exam paper for this semester. Yet, somehow, deep inside my heart, there was a hole of sadness and emptiness. Plus, I felt like to scream stupidly~ “Attention all! I’ve finished all da exam papers! Yoohooo!” But hey, I just heard it inside me.

As I was ‘herding’ out together with all my classmates from the foyer, I got 2 phone calls. The first one I got from my friend, E. E was offering me to join the programme outside UIA that would be started at 2pm that afternoon, and we will go together with his motorcycle. However, I was foolishly resisting by saying that I was going to have a nap! Now I reflected back the disappointing and stupid answer that I gave him.. I wish I could take it back my words. E is someone that I think of as my brother. He is very caring and thoughtful person and always assists me when I got a problem, especially when handling the society’s programme. Now I reflected all my actions to him, it was an unfair exchanged. I should realize earlier, how I should be more reliable person, responsible and honest in all my actions. Hmm. Glance of disappointing values in my own reflection. Well, I should have a turning point for this. I mean, I will work hard to change this, because I don’t want to disappoint everyone for most every time. Guess that I should try to please someone closer to me sometimes and not being selfish.

Ok, the second call I got was from my father. He knew that I’ll finish at 12pm, so that he’ll not make any calls to me during the exam hours, just in case. Well, the reason of the call was actually to make me talk with my Aunt N whom I’ve not met since 4 years back. The last time I met her was in Kuching, the time before I entered the matriculation centre in PJ back then. We talked for a few minutes, exchanging the news and bla bla bla…Oops.. I forgot to mention that she is currently in Miri to visit my grandparents. So that is the main reason that my father passed the phone to my Aunt N. Because it’s been so long that we never talk to each other. I recall back now that I was laughing much when I talked to my Aunt N, and she was asking me, “Hey boy, why are laughing so much?”. Thinking back, I was laughing freely because of the effect of ‘just finish the exam’.. ha~ha. Honestly, I felt sad when she asked me whether I’ll be going back to Miri this short semester break, and I foolishly maintaining my happy sounds confidently said ‘no’.. So that answered all my mixed feeling after finish my exam paper. I miss Miri so much! Omg, sounds so foolish of me..

Dear readers, I’m sorry for writing all this crap words. Anyway, I’m happy staying here in my compartment, my comfort zone, surfing internet up to how much my eyes can stay looking to the monitor of my laptop. And I’m planning to finish much of my time at the library (ouch! Sounds nerd), well there are so much stuffs that I want to read all this time, it just I couldn’t manage myself to find a space for reading time.

Before I finish this post, just wanna share with you the song from Chris Richardson-All Alone.


Simple recreation?In da middle of

It was a sudden idea from my friend. Let say his name is O. We were in the middle of discussion for this coming thurs paper when he suddenly gave an idea to have a recreation break before we continue the revision tonight. Well, without much thinking, we all positively agreed to O. So everything were set, we off to ‘Sg. Pisang’ not far away from UIA at 5.30pm. I think the place is like 10-15 minutes from UIA.

Not sure about the time, well I don’t have a wrist watch.. Hmm. Well here is the reason why I should buy wrist watch after a long time I don’t have any. Huhu. Ok. To make story short, we had fun, really, even for a short while. They were a numbers of people over there.Wait, I’m not sure myself whether the river’s name is ‘Sg. Pisang’ or not, but what actually I do remember, it was near Rebutia Camp, if I’m not mistaken la…

The place were so cold but so refreshing, an so the river’s water. I feel really fresh after ‘putting’ myself in the knee level water..haha. I think I should make a BBQ there somewhere near in the future. Gosh, now is 9.15pm. I promised to show up at 9pm for the group discussion..gtg.

Looking for DJ?

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Exam mode already?

Today’s class was my last class for this short semester. Hmm..Time was running so fast this time, yet we are near to the end of the semester. I feel like I was just flying back to KL 2 weeks before. Huh..Actually I don’t have a basic idea or guideline for this entry is all about. But I guess, since next week is final exam week, I would like to wish all my friends including myself (eheh..) Good Luck! Ganbatte! I need to put more effort for this coming final exam for sure. All da best everyone!

Translator needed?

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